Hopeful & inspiring 2bfree projects

2bfree works in various projects with, for and by women survivors of human trafficking. With our projects we always offer direct support, either by providing (emergency) shelter for survivors with multi-problems or by offering outpatient help and low-threshold activities. With long-term support, we help women regain freedom in life on their own two feet. These include training, traininigen, help in finding permanent housing and more.


A woman who wants to build her life in freedom needs help for many things. We therefore provide 24/7 emergency assistance. This means that sometimes we also engage in fundraising immediately. Emergency relief costs money. So for that, we desperately need your help.

Emergency aid: will you help her along, too?

The power of community and solidarity is what counts. That is why we are appealing to you now! We are regularly confronted with urgent material needs within our target group. We are committed to providing immediate assistance and ensuring that

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Emergency aid for crisis shelter

At 2bfree, we are committed to supporting people in their road to recovery and a better future. We recently welcomed a young woman to our shelter who is in dire need of help on all fronts. Her story is gripping

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2bfree provides shelter for women in need, where they feel safe. Survivors of human trafficking stay in shelters sometimes for a short time, sometimes for a long time. From there, they learn to stand on their own feet again and “become who they want to be. Some attend training, others go to work. In a variety of ways, these courageous women are giving meaning back to their lives.

Women in need without residence documents

In distressing situations, we offer help to women without residence documents. Our shelter project is aimed at helping these individuals access lawyers and pursue a just legal process. What we do. Legal Assistance: We work with experienced attorneys to guide

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Survivors of human trafficking have often been through a lot. Medically, as well as psychosocially, they need help. We offer help in close cooperation with the family doctor, the hospital, a psychologist or mental health services. We also do this for people who do not (yet) have documents. We now know very well the impact and how victims can be both mentally and physically broken. That’s why we help. Step by step, at the pace of the woman in question. Together we walk the path towards healing.

Project: help mom on her own

We currently have one mother with no income living in the shelter. One month in shelter for an adult amounts to €450 per month. In addition, of course, we also want to give her the opportunity to go to trainings

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How to prevent women or girls from becoming victims of human trafficking and slavery. Especially in the Netherlands, it is more common than we think. Women who are lured to the Netherlands with pretty stories and end up in prostitution. But also so-called loverboys who recruit girls in schools. By providing education – both in schools and beyond – 2bfree aims to raise awareness.
Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, we also provide empowerment in the form of training so that women are able to take care of finances themselves. This makes them less vulnerable to human traffickers.

Care about these women

What do you see when you look at these women? Of course you see the brokenness, the misery and all that comes with it. Fortunately, we often see hope sparkling in their eyes. We are grateful for what we can do for them with 2bfree. We can’t do that without you. Your gift allows us to be there together for these women. Thank you very much!