Will you help us help Sandra, Ilayla and Miryam?

I read Sandra’s story and it touched me so much ,” she said.“That these women are helped very practically with my donation, I find very nice to see”. Just a few responses from sponsors who help us help women in need. Women like Sandra, Ilayla and Miryam who have been empowered thanks to your generous donations.

Would you like to contribute to sheltering and supporting survivors of human trafficking so they can rebuild their lives? You not only help us with gifts, you also help us with prayer. Perhaps you would like to get personally involved with volunteer work. For example, you can become a buddy? Much is possible.

Give to these women

"That someone without knowing me cares about me, I find very moving"

Become a volunteer

Buddy Yanna tells:

“It’s really a lot of fun to do. I find great satisfaction in helping these women. I was able to accompany a woman and really see her blossom. Surely that is the most beautiful thing there is.”

Become a partner

Are you and your church, organization or business still looking for a foundation that fits your values and standards? Like us, do you want to empower survivors of human trafficking! 2bfree has several forms of partnership. This may be in the form of sponsorship or service, but other forms are also possible. 2bfree Foundation complies with the Health Care Governance Code with a Supervisory Board and a Board of Trustees. The 25 employees are managed by the director and core team. Get in touch with us!

Pray with us

Prayer is the strongest weapon. Would you like to participate in our work by joining us in praying for these women and girls?

“The starting point in our care and assistance is the Love of God in action, with respect and space for each person’s personal opinion and beliefs.” (Gusta Bouwman)

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