Women in need without residence documents

In distressing situations, we offer help to women without residence documents. Our shelter project is aimed at helping these individuals access lawyers and pursue a just legal process.

What we do.

Legal Assistance: We work with experienced attorneys to guide those without residency permits to apply for legal status and protection.

Shelter: We provide a safe and supportive living environment where these people can stay while they work on their legal case and their future.

Psychological and social support: Our trained professionals and buddies provide psychosocial and social support to help with the emotional and social challenges survivors face.

Collaboration with agencies:
We work closely with several organizations that specialize in helping undocumented immigrants. This collaboration ensures that our clients have access to a wide range of services, such as medical care, education, and more.

Renovation and Maintenance:
To ensure that our shelter facility remains a safe and comfortable place for our guests, we make regular renovations. We focus on upgrading outdated kitchen and bathroom facilities and provide necessary maintenance so that our shelter environment is up to the highest standards.

Your Support is Crucial:
Your support is invaluable in making our shelter project possible. Together we can make a difference in the lives of people without residence documents, help them build a better future and obtain the legal status they need.

Care about these women

What do you see when you look at these women? Of course you see the brokenness, the misery and all that comes with it. Fortunately, we often see hope sparkling in their eyes. We are grateful for what we can do for them with 2bfree. We can’t do that without you. Your gift allows us to be there together for these women. Thank you very much!

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