"I now want to help as many women as possible myself."

When Ilayla* (26) joined 2bfree, she was depressed after everything she had been through. She had even made several suicide attempts. Now she herself is an employee at 2bfree and helps others with a story just like hers. “Many women go through what I went through. That’s why I want to help them now.” Read more about her impressive story.

"When I arrived in the Netherlands, they took away my passport and phone..."

Miryam worked as a nurse in a large hospital in a big city. As a woman, she was never safe, but at least she had the finances. Until she also lost her job. Miryam* (23) fell into the hands of human traffickers. Read Miryam’s poignant story. “Thanks to 2bfree, I am truly free!”

I want to warn women...

This courageous woman tells her story as an example of how easily you can be lied to and deceived. Now she herself has become a volunteer at 2bfree to help other women.

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Trapped, abused, beaten.... Sandra came out of a very deep valley

What if you are forced to flee your homeland because militias are making your neighborhood unsafe? It happened to Sandra from Bangui* (Central African Republic). She fell into the hands of human traffickers, but managed to escape. 2bfree helps her get her life on track.

Human trafficking in the Netherlands?

Human trafficking and slavery are still widespread. Recent figures show that the number of women and girls becoming victims of human trafficking is growing. Most victims are forced into sexual exploitation (72%), while 21% are exploited as children while doing hard labor.

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How you can help

become a volunteer

Volunteers are indispensable to 2bfree. Do you feel compassion for these survivors of human trafficking? Do you want to be meaningful to these women and girls in need? Become a volunteer at 2bfree. We could really use your help.

become a partner

Are you and your business or church still looking for a foundation that fits your values and standards? Like us, do you want to empower women! 2bfree has several forms of partnership. This can be in the form of sponsorship, but also in the form of service.

pray with me

Would you like to participate in our work by joining us in praying for recovery for the women and girls? "The starting point for our shelter and assistance is the Love of God in action, with respect and space for each person's personal opinion and beliefs."

Give to these women

"That someone without knowing me cares about me, I find very moving"