2bfree helps women exploited by human traffickers

2bfree Foundation is committed to restoring life in freedom. In it, we give women and girls who were victims of human trafficking the space and opportunity to reinvent themselves. Who are they really, what are their talents? Where does their strength lie? The self-esteem of many of these survivors is often far from it.

"2bfree wants to stand beside women and empower them."

Mission & vision

2bfree Foundation is committed to the freedom and recovery of women who have been victims of human trafficking and other injustices, we call them survivors. A quote from the artist Michelangelo is symbolic of 2bfree’s vision: “I do not transform the stone into an image, I free the image locked in the stone.” The starting point is the person and not theory or protocol. The goal also lies in the person. We win when the survivor wins, based on her qualities, strengths and desires.

Sincerity and commitment
To be able to help women (re)discover themselves and (re)find their own power, the 2bfree foundation works solution-oriented, trauma-sensitive and from the presence approach. This means standing beside the women, being sensitive to their needs while also working together toward a solution. This is how we give these women back their confidence. From sincerity and a committed attitude.
By hanging out with the women, they (re)discover that they are truly worthwhile and that they are allowed to be there with all the perfections and imperfections that make them who they are.

Love and respect
Everything done within 2bfree is meant to enrich and support the women and their personal choices. The starting point for our care and assistance is the Love of God in action, with respect and space for each person’s personal opinion and beliefs.

Emergency response, shelter, care, prevention. 2bfree helps very practically and at the same time socially, emotionally supportive.

2bfree aims to provide a safe base where women can feel at home and be themselves. A place where they are welcomed in the midst of peers by people with open hearts and listening ears.

By hanging out with these courageous women, they (re)discover that they are truly worth loving. That they may be, who they are and embrace themselves with all the perfections and imperfections.

From dream to 2bfree

The 2bfree Foundation is an organization with a profound mission to stand up against human trafficking and slavery, and it all began in 2007 with Gusta Bouwman’s vision. In a dream, she realized that human trafficking was also happening in her town, and felt called by God with her husband to do something against this great injustice.

Gusta and Albert decided that they could no longer stand by, when they realized that human trafficking and modern slavery was happening not only abroad, but close by in every city in the Netherlands. Together with staff, there was an unbridled dedication to improving the lives of the most vulnerable, and the 2bfree Foundation was established in 2010.

The history of 2bfree is a story of perseverance, compassion and hope. With certified shelter, outpatient work and education, 2bfree continues to advocate for survivors of human trafficking and slavery, calling on others to stop being silent about this great injustice.

It is not about 2bfree, but about fighting this great injustice. Therefore, we work with other organizations so that the best can be offered to survivors. In addition, while working at the Hogeschool Rotterdam, Gusta initiated education on human trafficking. This puts preventing and combating human trafficking even better on the map.

"We are impressed by these courageous women, and we are grateful to be able to share God's Love in a practical way."

Gusta Bouwman, founder 2bfree


2bfree Foundation complies with the Health Care Governance Code with a Supervisory Board and a Board of Trustees. The 25 employees are managed by the director and core team. All involved want to stand beside survivors in (re)discovering who they are, to Whom they may belong and most importantly how they can best become who they are!

Meet the team


We have ANBI status, making donations deductible.
2bfree Foundation is a licensed healthcare organization with AGB code: 90067461.
As a care organization, the foundation holds the ISO 9001-2015 certification (for care and stay from the WMO, outpatient assistance on a voluntary basis at home and on location).

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"That someone without knowing me cares about me, I find very moving"