“When I arrived in the Netherlands, they took away my passport and phone…”

Miryam once worked as a nurse in a large hospital in a big city. As a woman, she was never safe, but at least she had the finances. Until she also lost her job. Miryam* (23) fell into the hands of human traffickers. Read her poignant story here.

Miryam came to Holland when she was invited by a person she was working with. In the Netherlands, it would be much better than her homeland. Miryam grabbed the opportunity with both hands: “When I arrived in the Netherlands, I was taken to a hotel. They took away my passport and my phone.”


For Miryam, the misery began there. Thanks to 2bfree, she was finally able to escape. “2bfree is the reason I can still (re)tell my story. The reason I am still alive and have reason to live again.”

Miryam tells how she had to work as a prostitute in the hotel. “I didn’t want this, but they forced me, abused me, and they threatened me. They said they would kill me and my family if I didn’t do what they asked of me. After a while, I managed to call the police through the phone of a customer who wanted to help me.”


The memory of this still makes her shiver. “I was so scared! About 15 minutes later, the police arrived and raided the hotel. They did other raids after that, because more girls were being held in the other rooms of the hotel.”

Because of all the traumatic events, Miryam ended up in psychosis. She could not stay in a stay-at-home or a shelter for victims of human trafficking because at that time she was a danger to herself and others around her.

"That I can be an independent woman again, standing on my own two feet. I never dreamed that."

Better Life

Gusta of 2bfree tells how the police contacted her. “They asked me if we wanted to house her. We prayed for that and didn’t have to think long. She had nowhere to go. We provided a safe setting for Miryam and worked with the mental health department. Miryam soon felt at home and by giving extra attention to what she herself felt was important, we saw her flourish.”

Miryam says: “2bfree has helped me with the process here in the Netherlands. For example, they help me integrate and pay for some studies. It is so beautiful what they do! They help people from all over the world with advice, clothes and food. Thanks to 2bfree, I managed to build a better life. A life, where I have perspective again, and may discover what my purpose is.”


Miryam says, “How grateful I am to 2bfree for getting my life on track. This also enabled me to do a course as a nail stylist. Eventually this will allow me to start my own business. To be an independent woman, standing on my own two feet. I would never have dared to dream that.”


Miryam is finally happy again, she says. “Even though I have a major trauma, I am doing much better than I was in the beginning. In consultation with the mental health services, I am even reducing my medication. I am happy with 2bfree and the people around me. I have made new friends and am now working towards a future from a safe shelter. I know it is good and will be good. That really helps me to live my life now and keep going after everything that has happened.”

* Based on facts: the story(s) of women. Some facts, (place) names, dates and other details are fictitious, to protect the women, as they are still at risk.

Care about these women

What do you see when you look at these women? Of course you see the brokenness, the misery and all that comes with it. Fortunately, we often see hope sparkling in their eyes. We are grateful for what we can do for them with 2bfree. We can’t do that without you. Your gift allows us to be there together for these women. Thank you very much!