Trapped, abused, beaten…. Sandra came out of a deep valley thanks to help from 2bfree

What if you are forced to flee your homeland because militias are making your neighborhood unsafe? It happened to Sandra from Bangui* (Central African Republic). She fell into the hands of human traffickers, but managed to escape. 2bfree helps her get her life on track. Read her poignant story.

Sandra had a well-run nail salon and led a relatively quiet existence. Despite the turmoil in her city and country. Together with her infant son, she was relatively happy until she, too, had to fear for her life. Through-via she was offered help to flee the country.

Better future?

A man offered her tickets and a passport to Holland. Once she arrived in the Netherlands, she was told, she would go to work in an international hotel chain. Sandra seized the opportunity with both hands as she worried about the future in her home country. Everything went well until she arrived at Schiphol Airport, where she was picked up by a man, who did not take her to the hotel, but locked her in a house. She was raped and had to receive men.

When she tried to flee, she was immediately caught. For punishment, a group of men came along and severely abused and mistreated her. Sandra was in such a pit after that that she no longer had the will to live. When Sandra finally managed to escape, at first she didn’t dare tell him what had happened. After all, in her homeland, she was used to corruption. And in addition, the organization of perpetrators still had a hold on her.


The organization that had brought her here was afraid that she would publicize her story, alerting women from her home country. Therefore, her infant son was kidnapped. Fortunately, the child was able to escape, after which he was able to live with friends in another region. For now, he was out of the hands of the kidnappers, but for Sandra, the fear for her child remained.

"I can't describe how incredibly happy and moved I was when I heard I would see my child again."

Safe home port

Fortunately, there was room at 2bree in the shelter. Because 2bfree created a safe haven for her, she finally dared to tell her story and was able to get the right legal and psychological help. Years ago, she entered timidly. Now she boldly and joyfully recounts, “It was like a warm bath. Here I could be myself. It felt like family.”

Family reunification

Above all, Sandra is grateful to God and the “angels of 2bfree.” “When I was able to live at 2bfree in the shelter, we were able to work on family reunification, to bring my child to the Netherlands. I can’t describe how incredibly happy and moved I was when I heard that. Life had meaning again. I felt love flowing.”

Heart and soul

The mental health service was called in to begin the necessary trauma treatment. Sandra was encouraged to get an education. She always had ambitions to go into nursing, so she started that training. 2bfree helped Sandra get a home of her own. Shortly thereafter, her son was also able to join her. The reunion was an emotional moment.

“With 2bfree, Sandra learned to stand on her own two feet”

Gusta of 2bfree says, “We see that women are true survivors. They are strong women who have experienced terrible things and are often deeply concerned about family and children. Often they are so traumatized that the will to live is gone. We are grateful to be able to put God’s love into practice within 2bfree. Then to see a woman blossom like that and finally live her life the way she wants is amazing. It is what I want to put my heart and soul into every day. With 2bfree, Sandra learned to stand on her own two feet again. Thanks to the help of a generous constituency and sponsors, 2bfree is able to do this work. We are very grateful for that,” Gusta said.

* Based on facts: the story(s) of women. Some facts, (place) names, dates and other details are fictitious, to protect the women, as they are still at risk.

Care about these women

What do you see when you look at these women? Of course you see the brokenness, the misery and all that comes with it. Fortunately, we often see hope sparkling in their eyes. We are grateful for what we can do for them with 2bfree. We can’t do that without you. Your gift allows us to be there together for these women. Thank you very much!