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2bfree Foundation

Mission & vision

2bfree Foundation is committed to freedom and recovery of women who have been victims of human trafficking and other injustices, we call them survivors.

A quote from the artist Michelangelo symbolizes 2bfree’s vision: “I do not transform the stone into an image, I free the image locked in the stone.” The starting point is the person and not theory or protocol. The goal also lies in the person. We win when the survivor wins, based on her qualities, strengths and desires.

Everything that is done within 2bfree is meant to enrich and support the women and their personal choices. The starting point for our care and assistance is the Love of God in action, with respect and space for each person’s personal opinion and beliefs.



2bfree Foundation complies with the Health Care Governance Code with a Supervisory Board and a Board of Directors. The 25 employees are managed by the director and the core team. All involved want to stand next to the survivors in (re)discovering who they are and how they can optimally become who they are!

We work traumasensitive, solution-oriented and from the presence approach, where equality and mutuality are central.
Focal points within the counseling are safety, recovery, empowerment and strengthening self-reliance.



2bfree Foundation has ANBI status, which means that your donations are deductible.
Foundation 2bfree is a recognized healthcare organization with AGB code: 90067461.
Foundation 2bfree complies with the Care Governance Code and holds the ISO 9001-2015 quality mark.